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DIY Christmas Gifts

This article details how to make your own beeswax candles from products anyone can get at an arts and crafts store. Arts and crafts stores in your market will be vying for this advertising space.

Destination • Travelers • Wellness

We all know that taking a vacation is good for us. But for whatever reason, Americans tend to take less vacation then the rest of the modern working world.  In a survey of 1,200 full-time employed Americans, Kimble Applications found that 47 percent of participants didn’t take all of their vacation last year, and 21 percent forfeited more than five vacation days.

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Healthy Chicken Recipes

DIY Christmas Charcuterie Board

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Inspire health magazine - pre-designed content ready to print

Inspire Health

Packed with information, inspiration and guidance that lead to healthy choices, positive relationships and support for the environment. Inspire Health readers are discerning, intelligent consumers who favor healthy foods, moderate exercise and positive attitudes.

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saffron - health benefits pre-designed content ready to use

Inspire Health is full of healthy recipes and super foods, your advertisers will want to be by your most popular content.