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About us

Since 1979, Fox Print and Creative Publishing, a division of Jumpstart Publishing, LLC, has ben serving the newspaper, publisher, education and print industries. Our mission has always been to provide outstanding products and customer service.

We are proud to be your partner!

These are exciting times at Fox Print and Creative Publishing. In addition to our print, bindery and mail production capabilities, we continue to develop publications that add value to your business.

If you’re a current Fox customer, we’d like to thank you for the support and trust you place in us. If you’ve not yet made the decision to do business with us, remember this: We get you.

We understand the needs of your business and we’re always working to improve our service to you. Join our successful customers. You’ll like doing business with Fox!


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Pre-Designed Magazines

Increase readership and ad sales and bring your publication to life with a ready to print magazine from Fox.

Publisher Content

Purchase affordable, fully designed content for your newspaper, magazine and blog. 

Newspaper Pages

Print-ready broadsheets make it easy for newspapers to sell ads and attract new readers. 

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