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Best Content Practices

5 Content Questions Answered

Is buying content worth it?

Our content will help you attract new customers, build trust with google, improve your SEO, get more web traffic, leads, and sales. Our content will enable you to focus more time on your business. We use the best content practices.

How much content should you buy?

Be consistent with your postings Post at least once a week. Optimum length varies, depending on the complexity of your subjects. 

How long should my content be?

Most subjects can be handled with 400-500 words. One thing certain: Quality if your content is more important that quantity. Your readers want valuable information.

Where should you buy content?

Freelancers: this can be an expensive option, but you can never be sure of the accuracy of the work and scheduling can be a problem. Agencies: content can be very expensive but usually has good quality. 

What's the best option for buying content?

Fox Content. Every piece of content on our site is researched, formatted and presented ready to publish with visuals. Of course, each article is editable. We give you the design files. If you need content that is specific to your niche, we can provide that also. Just contact Fox Content and tell us what you need!