Harry and Jill Connick Alert the New 50s to Colon Cancer Prevention

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There’s the teen-age Harry hanging out and performing in New Orleans French Quarter jazz clubs – with parental approval and encouragement.

Harry, the singer, composer, director and actor with a multi-aged fan base. Harry the crazed, serial killer in the movie “Copycat”; Harry debuting on Broadway as “The Pajama Game” lead.

Mardi Gras enthusiasts around the world recognize him as founder of Orpheus, one of the most extravagant parades to roll through the streets of New Orleans. South Louisianans know him as an on-going force in Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery.

The award-winning multi-talented Harry is also a regular guy – a son, husband and father. His behind-the-scenes life is now bringing him center stage in a new role. Connick and Jill, his wife of 25 years, are spotlighting colon cancer awareness, screening and early detection especially for those in the “New 50” age range.



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