Preventing Hair Loss Naturally

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As long as there has been vanity, there has been a quest to find a way to reverse hair loss. The ancient Egyptians applied hippopotamus, crocodile, lion, goose, snake and ibex fats with porcupine hair boiled in water to their scalps. It failed to grow hair, so they resorted to wigs. Hippocrates used opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings, beetroot and spices. That didn’t work either. Julius Caesar had male pattern baldness that, when the concoctions of the day didn’t have the desired effect, he hid with a laurel wreath. Nineteenth century technology created “cures” that included Frankenstein’s monster-like devices. Today, there are medications that do help slow hair loss, and may even grow hair, but also have side effects. So, is there hope for the 80 million men and women who suffer from hair loss? The answer may surprise you.



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