Staying Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Food Delivery/Takeout

$35.00 (or 5 Credits)

The most impactful precaution you can take when ordering food delivery, including grocery and liquor deliveries, is to avoid direct contact with couriers.  Where possible, choose services that offer contactless delivery; many delivery apps have contactless delivery options that also allow you to tip delivery workers.  (Please tip delivery workers well!  While cash is usually the best way to tip service workers, card or touch-free tipping might make more sense for now.)  When placing orders by telephone, you can request that the delivery be left on the steps, porch or driveway outside your home or in the lobby of multi-unit buildings.  Either include a tip when you’re paying by phone or leave an envelope with cash and give instructions on where to retrieve it—placing the envelope under a doormat is a good option.